About Me


Hello Everyone, My name is Irvz-Gersh V. Atajar and I love to travel and I love history. I’m an Accounting graduate but I don’t practice it, instead I am a Sailor for the U.S. Navy.

Since I was a child I enjoyed reading and writing things about the past, or mysteries mostly related to history and I as I grow older I realize I want to see those places that I only usually read in books. Now here I am trying to re-live all those historical moments of our global history which shape our current events. I go and walk in the same street as people from the earlier centuries did. Also, every time I saw a historical building there is something in me in which I cannot describe. The overwhelming feeling of contentment and happiness while thoughts of how those people or those buildings were during their peaks.

So enough about me and just an introduction to the site. It is about the places I’ve been to and the history behind them (if there are any) and also the people I travel with, who like me enjoy seeing new places and learning about them. A shout out to my sister Deelow who encourage me to pursue what I love to do and always have my back. Of course I would like to thank my very dear friend Laura who have the patience to edit every single article on her free time. She is indeed special.